AMT’s Anysize Goes Compact

AMT’s patented Anysize technology includes the only pneumatic device, available in the world, that will go to any position on its stroke. Today AMT announced the introduction of their compact line of positioners. Up to half as long as the original design any given stroke the compact positioners are made for case conveyor type applications where longer strokes are needed in places with limited space. The extruded body allows for any length stroke, two inches (50mm) to five inches (120mm) so you only need to buy as much as you need.

The compact positioner design includes an integral fastener slot for flexibility in mounting arrangements. Controls are the same as the original design, compact cylinders can even run off of the original RAD (Regulated Air Distribution) boxes. Control options range from the automated RAD box to a manual regulator. Systems range from four positioners, for a machine infeed, to thousands for the systems that take product from one side of the plant to the other.

Anysize technology is particularly easy to retrofit on existing conveyor systems because everything that comes out of the control system is pneumatic tubing which can be attached easily and reliably to any conveyor exterior.

Anysize technology, even with the slightly more expensive compact design, is the most affordable automatic change over system in the world today. With 75,000 positioners in the field it is completely proven.