Dual Output Speed Solution from Diequa

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Dual Input Gearbox Provides Dual Output Speed Solution

There are a lot of processes that require continuous, smooth running, rotary motion. But sometimes two different speeds are necessary, and inverters and servos can’t always deal with the differences.

Many applications of variable speed can be accomplished with an inverter by varying the hertz speed range on a motor. However, when running over 60 Hz you can get a drop off in output torque; or if it drops below 20 Hz then additional cooling is necessary because the fan isn’t turning fast enough. 

Variable speed is also possible with servomotors, but the resolution on a servo is drastically reduced with slow continuous motion. And the amount of technology is overkill when only two speeds are needed and precise positioning is not required.

The Solution: DieQua's Speed Correction Drive Gearbox

DieQua's Speed Correction Drive gearbox is a planetary reducer with two inputs: the first lower ratio input shaft drives the planet gears from the sun gear, exactly like all other planetary design reducers; the second higher ratio input shaft drives the ring gear, which is normally fixed in standard planetary reducers. DieQua Tandler Gearbox

A two-speed gearbox with an optimized low operational speed and a high-speed capability is the result of this reducer design.

The Speed Correction Drive gearbox allows torque to flow on the path of least resistance when driving the high ratio shaft. The low ratio shaft and connected drive motor have much less resistance when not energized than the intended load.

There are many other applications for this arrangement. Unfortunately, most engineers don’t know a gearbox of this design exists.

DieQua specializes in offering these types of drive solutions. They have a wide variety of products along with the experience to apply them in a wide variety of ways.

OEM Offers DieQua Products

OEM is proud to provide DieQua products to many consumers. OEM carries DieQua's of line of gearboxes, gearheads, and speed reducers.

All DieQua products are Servo/Stepper compatible and NEMA and IEC compliant for the automation, communications, custom machinery, food processing, material handling, medical, packaging and transportation industries. Visit the DieQua product page »