Featured Manufacturer: Keltech

Keltech Stainless Steel Motors & Gears creates products that have superior quality while following strict guidelines and government regulations. Keltech makes sure that their products are delivered in a timely fashion as well as a fair market price. They have the knowledge and service consumers are looking for as well as always seeking new ways to improve their products to best serve their consumers' needs.

Reasons to Choose Stainless Steel

  • Great for industries that require cleanliness such as food processing and pharmaceutical
  • Stands up to a wet or corrosive environment better than any other material
  • Stainless steel is scratch-resistant and abrasion-resistant
  • Difficult for bacteria to adhere to stainless steel even after many years of use
  • No chemical reaction between metal surfaces and cleaning agents
  • Prevents unwanted reactions with oxygen from the air or the formation of rust
  • Last longer and are more durable compared to epozy coated or painted products

Stainless steel products from Keltech are perfect for anyone who is trying to appeal to the food industry. Keltech's products are known for being the best way to keep your machines immaculate. Every design is made to be easily cleaned and maintained in hard working environments.

About Keltech

Keltech Stainless Steel Motors & Gears was formed in 1990. Their goal has always been to have products that are of superior quality following strict guidelines and government regulations and to be able to deliver these products to their customers in a timely fashion and a fair market price.

Over the past twenty years Keltech has received many awards for its outstanding performance from many leading companies. As a forward-thinking company Keltech takes pride in their knowledge and service. As an industry leader they are always looking for ways to improve their products to best serve their customer’s needs.

OEM Offers Keltech Products

OEM is proud to provide Keltech products to many consumers. OEM carries Keltech Product of line of Gear Reducers, Motors, and Optidrives. Although they highly focus on the production of their stainless-steel products, they also offer aluminum products as well.