Report: Conveyor systems market in US revenue to reach $10 billion by 2019

Major customers of Conveyor Systems Market in US range across multiple manufacturing industries and sectors where goods are handled. The rapid growth of manufacturing activities in process and discrete manufacturing industries is also a key growth driver for this market. 

Various process industries such as F&B, oil and gas, and petrochemicals use conveyor equipment to goods at various stages such as processing, packaging, and assembling.

Market overview of conveyer systems market in the US 

The US is a steadily growing region in the global material handling market.

Its growth drives the demand for conveyer systems in the region. The market research analysts predict the global conveyer systems market in the US to reach close to USD 10 billion in revenues by 2019.

Conveyor systems market in US by type of equipment

Unit handling systems
Conveyer components
Bulk handling systems

Based on the key findings of this research report, a decline in the market share of bulk handling systems is anticipated during the forecast period. It is attributed to the rapid growth of the other two segments, especially the conveyor components segment.

Growing demand from mining and manufacturing industries

The growing complexity in the supply chain process with regards to transportation and handling of materials in manufacturing and mining industries has surged the adoption of conveyor systems in the SCM process.

The mining and manufacturing industry in the US uses custom designed belt conveyor systems for transportation of bulk materials over long distances.

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