large-scale tunnel freezer

If you’re looking for equipment that reflects the latest advancements in freezing technologies, Advanced Food Equipment (AFE) is the thing for you!

Anysize Guide Rails

AnysizeTM is a guide positioning system that will accomate any package, current or future. Install AnysizeTM on your conveyor, and you'll never have to worry about time and resources wasted on side rail change-overs ever again.

Blast Freezer

AFE utilizes a special design, which enables airflow to be reduced and ensures quicker cooling and less overall power use. 

Pallet Conveyor

The motor driven drag chain style conveyor from Advanced Manufacturing Technology delivers the performance and versatility you need. Conveyance is performed by an option of two to five strands of #60 roller chain. Changes in direction are achieved by the use of ramp activated right angle transfer pop-ups. Strapping turntables, dual pop-ups and transfer carts also available.

Treasury Wines Use Anysize Conveyor

Advanced Manufacturing Technology (AMT) has installed its extended stroke Anysize positioner at Treasury Wines in Napa, CA. This product expands on the proven and trusted standard Anysize cylinder that has over 100,000 units already in use.