AFE Blast Freezer

AFE utilizes a special design, which enables airflow to be reduced and ensures quicker cooling and less overall power use. 

Worry Free Freezing

The AFE-30 large high capacity centrifugal evaporation fan draws air through the load to ensure even temperatures throughout the load. Many standard units are equipped with an evaporator fan system designed to accommodate products with high-pressure drops. 

Blast Freezer Unit Features:

  • Low Box Temperatures -- AFE-30 unit freezes products to -60°C (-76°F)
  • High Capacity -- the core temperature can maintain 12- or 24-hour cycles at -30°C (-22°F) or -65°C (-85°F)
  • Full Airflow -- fans pull air through loads even with high cargo internal pressure drops
  • Even Temperatures Throughout Cargo -- adjustable ceiling provides efficient airflow
  • Superior Diagnostics -- amperages and pressures are measured and can be viewed and transferred the GMS mobile or satellite transmission modem

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